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Metadatas only in 1.7 


Welcome to Conquest_

by Monsterfish_


Make sure to use Optifine with this pack!


change the way you see Minecraft forever and dive into the world of Conquest_

Use optifine for the full effect and Metadata (1.7 exclusive)


Conquest is a medieval inspired resourcepack taking alot of influences from other packs like "John Smith" and games like "Stronghold". Many creative and exeptional builders and players have gathered and made the comunity flourish in the light that it is today. Become a part of our community and show us what you have created with Conquest_.

Conquest_ SubReddit ->

#weareconquest ->

MCforum ->

Planetminecraft -> ->


Stay up to date with the development

Get updates early_

This medieval pack is still in development so many textures will be changed and added over time. To get compensation for the work I do on Conquest_ I use adlinks so you guys dont have to pay.

However I also offer an early access feature to everyone supporting my work by donating or becoming a patreon. So far the lowest amount to get access to the tool is 5$, however due to future events that might change.

You got suggestions for the pack? 

Post them here.

But wait there's more Blocks_

Make sure to use Optifine with this pack!

Conquest_ custom Worldpreset
(less frequent but more opulent orespawning+less rivers+ realistic looking terrain features + some extreme looking terrainfeatures) 

Extensive Modsupport


Better foilage mod

Optifine ctm

Balcons Weaponsmod
 Better Than Wolves [BTW] by nebux made&edited (mc 1.5) 

bumpmapping/normalmap support by Antroz59 

Shaderpack made by Triliton

Maps and projects made with Conquest_


Adventuremap "perfect Vacation" by vagosssssss 

Catalné  by Adam
Videoseries "Noctis" by CreativeComunity 

Conquered tree&rockpack by Monsterfish_ (me)
Project: Medieval* .:The Builders Coalition: by lloyd094 

Romanstyle Addonpack by Origines

Romanbanners by tom_clark


and more...

Conquest_32x32 by Stefan Krein is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://www.ravand.or…/Permission.jpg

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