Q: My Builds become very gritty the further i go away from them how can i fix that?
A: Use mippmapping/anisotrophic filtering (these options are suported by optifine to smoothen out texturedetails in the distance).

Q: can i use your Resourcepack in my Project/Server/Map/Video/personoal resourcepack?
A: Yes as long as you give credit to me as the resourcepack creator by providing your community with a link to my page and never claim the textures that are made by me as your own!

Q: Can i use your Textures in a (non-) Minecraft and maybe commerically profitable Project?
A: Oh boy i am honored. Write me a pm with details and we can talk about how we can handle this in further detail.

Q: What do you use to make the textures?
A: Exept from alot of time i also use Photoshop to create the textures.

Q: Since you can paint textures, are you able to do other graphics related stuff as well?
A: As I am a communication design student I am beeing taught I all things graphics so yeah I can do Logos, Banners, paintings, Illustrations etc. you can check out my portfolio here.

Q: Can you join my Buildteam/serverteam? I will give you staff!
A: Sorry ravand.org is the only MCserver i actually want to be "playing" on. As it provides me with everything i need, to make stuff that i want to do happen.

Q: can you make a 64x64 --> 128x128 --> 1024x1024 version of Conquest?
A: Im sorry but i wont personally make a higher res version of Conquest as i neither have the time for remaking every singe texture i already have by hand. But I know for a fact that somebody is working on a 64x64 conquest inspired resourcepack, which i will feature here as soon as it has been released.

Q: My metadata blocks dont show up in my 1.8 build help how do i fix this?
A: 1.8 got rid of metadatas(subids) so the game cant display those textures anymore (last metadata compatible MCversion is 1.7.10).

Q: halp my metadatas dont show up in 1.7 fix it!?
A: make sure you have ctm enabled and the 1.7 version of the pack and not the 1.8 one.
(What dowload is compatible wth which version of Minecraft is written on the download button)

Q: What are metadatas anyways?
A: Metadatas (subids) are unused subblocks of exisiting blocks for example wool uses all its subids for the different colors of wool but wood for example only uses 4 of the 15 avaviable blocks. Meaning I can use connected textures to give the blocks that are not officially implemented new textures to make "new blocks".

Q: How can i access those metadata blocks?
A: you can access them via 3rd party tools like worldedit metacycler (bukkit/spigotplugin) Mcedit, /setblcok and even some via /give command (not all metadatas are accessible that way)

Q: Does Conquest have some secret features?
A: Well kinda it does, next to connected textures and metadatablocks conquest provides some custom sounds, 3d models, certain mod support like betterfoilage and also a few custom heads that are accessible in a certain way so yeah there is bit more to it ;).


Q: My leaves look weird!!!

A: Here this should help.